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We all love feeling that extra little bit special – especially when we’re celebrating something! Which is why here at Greens at Gretna we’re excited to announce the arrival of our fabulous NEW Private Dining ! Set apart by a stunning chainmail which extends from ceiling to floor, this unique dining experience is perfect for those special, intimate occasions from birthdays to wedding celebrations to family reunions!

Where is it you ask? Our huge round table is located in a quiet, secluded corner of the restaurant and is able of accommodating anywhere from 6 to 10 guests. The full-length chainmail adds a touch of privacy and a definitive VIP edge to any special meal!

We’ll even add those all-important finishing touches to the table itself and dress it up with linen, candles and decorative sparkles and sprinkles – why not book this semi-private dining for your next ‘do? All of this starts from only £20 (we’ll be glad to book it for you on   +44 (0) 1461 337621)!